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  • Are you or a loved one interested in 3D printing and want to learn, but don’t know where to start? Our 3D Printing Fundamentals Workshop is the place! Here at Bond’s 3D Studio, we’ll take you through what it looks like to transform an idea from a sketch or scribble all the way to a complete product. You and your group will get to explore the printers from up close, hold the finished pieces in your hands, and you’ll even launch your very own print!

    Whether you’re a hobbyist, an enthusiast, or have zero experience, you will know the essentials of 3D printing by the time you complete this workshop.

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Some things you’ll learn: 

  • Anatomy of a 3D printer
  • Safety precautions when handling equipment
  • The different types of 3D printing processes
  • Software (Modeling, Slicing, file types)
  • Materials
  • Common problems and how to overcome them


  • Individual Pricing: $125 per student
    • 2-hour 3D printing workshop
      • 1.5-hour educational session and tour of our print farm
      • 30-minute Q&A session
  • Each student will take home a personalized print that was launched and completed during the workshop!
  • Date and time of the workshop will be determined by the availability of the group

Event Package:

  • For 3D-Printing themed events such as Birthdays
  • Event Pricing: $750 (for up to 6 guests in your group)
    • +$75 per additional guest, maximum of 12
    • Includes everything under "Individual" details listed above


  • For Birthday Events: Personalized Print: (must be ordered in advance)
    • +$100 - the birthday boy or girl will receive a customized print of their choice 
  • Meeting room:
    • +$150 per additional hour reserved


Who can attend? 
   From kids to adults, all ages are welcome! For kids’ groups: ages 8 and up.
How many people can be in my group? 
   This experience is designed for 6 participants but can support as many as 12.
How long is the workshop?
   2 hours.