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What will you do on 3D printing workshop?

What Will You Do at a 3D Printing Event?


One of the new exciting things offered by Bond’s 3D Studio is the opportunity to take part in a 3D printing workshop. Whether you want to schedule a 3D printing birthday part or a 3D printing class just for fun, we are happy to work to accommodate you. However, many people wonder what you will do during a 3D printing event. Let’s take a look at what this unique experience entails.


What is 3D Printing?


Much as the name suggests, 3D printing involves using new technology to print in three dimensions. In other words, you are able to print solid objects using a digital file. This is made possible due to additive processes.


Additive processes essentially refer to the way that 3D printing software cuts objects into thin layers, conveying that information to the printer which then prints one layer at a time until the entire object is made. This makes it possible to print fairly complex shapes without using a lot of material, enabling you to bring designs to life.


What Happens During a 3D Printing Workshop?


There are many exciting things that occur during a 3D printing class. For example, you’ll take a tour of our printing farm to see our machines in action. However, the most exciting part comes with actively participating in your own 3D printing experience.


This learning experience involves things like the anatomy of a 3D printer, learning about different kinds of 3D printing processes and materials, and seeing how the software works. This includes things like modeling and slicing. We will also be sure to go over safety precautions so that everyone is safe while working with our equipment. You’ll also learn about common problems in the 3D printing process and how to troubleshoot them.


Essentially, the goal of this 3D printing class is to give you a strong overview of the foundations of 3D printing. However, the highlight of this class for most people is getting the chance to work on their own 3D project. We will take your idea from a drawing or even something as simple as a scribble, help you model it, and print it out for you to take home. Thus, you’ll leave with a memento of your 3D printing experience.


Who Are Good People for a 3D Printing Event?


Honestly, we find that our 3D printing workshops are great for everyone. Whether you are having a kids’ birthday party or you’re an adult that just wants to learn more about this technology, this is a great way to engage.


The only requirement is that you be at least eight years old for safety reasons. The workshop lasts for two hours. While it is designed to be optimal for six participants, we are able to accommodate up to 10 people in one session. Thus, there is some flexibility, and we are always happy to work with you.


How Will I Know What to Do?


This ultimately comes down to our talented and dedicated staff. Our staff are specially trained to work with you to help you feel comfortable with 3D printing. They will serve as your guides throughout this process.


While this is hands-on experience, someone will always be there to help you, explain processes, and ensure that you are having a great time as you explore the world of 3D printing.


3D printing is a rapidly emerging technology that has the potential to vastly change our society. It has already been used for things like printing medical devices, prototypes, and many other things. Getting an up close and personal look at how this works is an exciting opportunity for anyone.


How Do I Schedule a 3D Printing Workshop?


Scheduling your 3D printing class is easy with Bond’s 3D Studio. Simply contact us and we will be happy to help you schedule the perfect experience to help expose you to this revolutionary technology. You’ll learn a lot and have a ton of fun!

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