Benefits of 3D Printers

Benefits of 3D Printers

You’ve probably heard about the innovation that is 3D printing; however, most people have not had the opportunity to use one of these wonderful inventions. This isn’t surprising as 3D printers can cost quite a bit of money. However, there are many reasons why 3D printers are revolutionizing life. Let’s take a look at some of there benefits and uses. 


You probably didn’t realize that the very first 3D printed drug was approved for use in 2015. This process is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry because 3D printing drugs serves to greatly decrease the manufacturing time of many medicines. This is because cleaning the printers is much easier than cleaning traditional methods of production. 

Additionally, 3D printing could greatly transform healthcare in the future. As 3D printers become more accessible, medications could be printed locally, providing greater access and responsiveness to needs. 


There are many applications of 3D printing that relate directly to medicine. This includes things like the ability to print the structure of an organ, followed by the use of stem cells to grow the actual tissue. While this is not reality yet, 3D printing is already used for things like personally tailored prosthetics and tooth implants. 

In fact, 3D printing has already evolved into 4D printing, a much more complex construct that is used in drug research and biosensor development. The hope is that this will lead to cures for rare diseases through the design of implants that can change their structure to better fit their environment as needed. 


The solution for a housing crisis may eventually be massively large 3D printers. A California company known as Mighty Buildings has pioneered the use of gigantic 3D printers that can create a 500 square-foot modern home in only 24 hours. 

This process not only drastically reduces the time to complete the structure but also uses ten times less materials than traditional construction. These 3D printed homes have proven to be sturdy and cost a fraction of the price of a traditional home. Some are already being used to meet housing needs in other countries. 

Educational Materials

The great thing about 3D printing is you can print virtually anything that can be modeled on a computer. This is proving to be truly wonderful for the educational environment. 3D printed items are great for encouraging creativity and improving learning. 

This is particularly the case when it comes to models. Whether looking at geography or biological systems, 3D printed educational aides are amazing ways to help students be able to explore concepts with their own hands. 

Replacement Parts

Have you ever hated how you have to throw an item away when one simple part breaks? This is true for many things as a replacement part with shipping can cost nearly the same amount as buying a completely new item. Fortunately, 3D printers are envisioning a future where this is no longer as large of a problem. 

3D printing has the capability to allow people to simply download and print replacement parts for many items. While this aspect of the technology is not quite here yet, it is on the horizon. This will help add value to purchases while also reducing waste, two important outcomes. 

Customized Products

A great benefit of 3D printing is the availability of customized products for people. These can take many different forms. For example, a person could have a custom-fitted bike helmet printed or perhaps even customized clothing or shoes. 

While some of these breakthroughs deal with making things best fit someone’s body, others can be just fun. Already, 3D printers are used to make custom phone cases, action figures, and many other items. In fact, Bond’s 3D Printing can even help make you a 3D print figurine of yourself or a personalized bust. There are so many applications that you can’t not love 3D printing!

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