5 Unique Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

5 Unique Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

When your anniversary rolls around each year, it can often be difficult coming up with the best gift to celebrate this special event. If you are finding yourself struggling to find the right item for the love of your life, here are five unique wedding anniversary gift ideas. 

Make Your Own 3D Custom Figurine

When you want to truly celebrate a union between two people, what is better than memorializing it with your own 3D custom figurine for a wedding anniversary? After all, there are many great things you can choose from such as a photo of the two of you dancing on your wedding night or a favorite picture from a vacation. 

This can also be a wonderful gift for your parents’ anniversary. This is a truly unique thing that will serve as a family heirloom for years to come. The use of 3D printing makes modern human sculpture art available for the masses. 

Personalized Art

Whether you are looking on sites like Etsy or chatting with artists at your local craft fair, there are many ideas for personalized art that can be a unique way to say, “I love you.” A personal favorite would be to get a painting from your wedding in a style you both love like antique travel posters. 

Personalized art will not just be something that will make them love their gift but will also serve as a conversation piece for any visitors or get togethers that you host. This is a wonderful gift for people who are really into art and décor. 

Musical Art

Speaking of art, the musically inclined will love an artistic rendering of the notes and lyrics of their favorite song. There are so many possibilities with this. You can choose a special song between the two or a wedding song. 

There are many vendors that do variations of this theme, making it a fun way to share your love for music and your love for one another. This is another item that could be a truly fantastic choice for a parent or relative’s anniversary, giving them a special thing to remember one another by.


When we think about giving gifts, we often thing about tangible things; however, many people are increasingly preferring things to do rather than things to possess. Gifting your loved one – whether it be your spouse, a parent, of a sibling – with an experience for an anniversary gift is a great choice. 

Consider booking them a weekend getaway at a romantic cabin or perhaps a hot air balloon ride. Maybe they would prefer a wine tasting at their favorite winery. The reality is that there are so many different ideas to have fun with. This is a gift that will make lasting memories for the recipient. 

Custom Photo Items

If you are purchasing a gift for someone other than your spouse, you may want to think about sharing custom photo items of the happy couple. This can include things like framed pictures, drink coasters, or matching coffee mugs. 

Using photos of the couple is a great way to give them an item they’ll use over and over while always having great memories of their time together. Whether wedding photos or candid pics, you can’t go wrong with this when getting an anniversary gift for a friend or family member. 

Final Thoughts 

There are tons of unique items for wedding anniversary gifts; however, these are among our favorites. If you would like to wow your significant other by making your own 3D custom figurine for a wedding anniversary, Bond’s 3D printing is happy to make the perfect 3D mini statue to celebrate your love for one another. 

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