5 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

5 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

If you are like us, you sometimes hate having to shop for birthday gifts. Sometimes it can be quite easy while other times, it can be quite hard to find something someone will truly love. And no one really wants to get someone a gift that will be underused or not enjoyed. Instead of debating between standard presents, here are five unique birthday gift ideas. 

Make Your Own 3D Custom Figurine for a Birthday Gift

Bond’s 3D Printing provides lots of fun options for very unique birthday gifts including the opportunity to make your own 3D custom figurine. Our state of the art modeling technology can turn your photograph into a 3D printed figure

This is an excellent gift for anyone who you want to recreate in a special moment. It can be a particularly fun item for a child’s birthday who has always wanted their own “action figure.” Know a marathon runner? How about a figure of them crossing the finish line? Know a golfer? They’re sure to love a figure of them mid-swing. The options are endless!

Smartphone Printer

Do you have friends that take lots of pictures but seem to miss the days of printing their favorites out? It seems like many of us never take the time to go through and order prints of our favorite photos. If you have an avid photographer that you call a friend, they are sure to love a smartphone photo printer. 

There are several options out there to choose from. These small photo printers are easy to setup and can print photos not only from stored files but also from your social media channels. Many have backs that peel off, allowing you to turn your photos into stickers if you desire. 

Custom Picture Puzzle

Do you have a friend that loves jigsaw puzzles? There are many companies that will allow you to make a puzzle out of a photo, giving someone a fun challenge and a lasting memory once it is complete. These are great for doing multiple times are for framing once complete. 

If you decide to go this route, it is often fun to get an action shot of your friend in a fun setting or something that is core to their personality. In fact, you will find that many of the places you go to for photo prints offer this service as well, making it convenient. 

Subscription Boxes

This is becoming an increasingly trendy unique birthday gift idea. With the plethora of different subscription boxes available, there is seemingly something for everyone. Consider a coffee club subscription for the coffee lover you know or maybe a monthly whiskey tasting box for the Scotch afficionado. 

There are also choices for people who like style, food, jewelry, makeup, and many other things. One of the unique benefits of this particular gift is that it will give someone a surprise every month for an entire year! 

Meet Their Favorite Animal

If you have an animal lover in your life, a unique birthday gift idea is to get them a meet and greet with their favorite animal. Many zoos offer patrons the opportunity to purchase packages to meet some of their animals behind the scenes. 

These are typically memorable activities where people are able to learn more about the animal, see how the animal is care for, and even meet the animal. For some animals, you may even be able to hold them depending upon the zoo. This is an experience someone will remember forever. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your choice for birthday gifts, Bond’s 3D Printing is happy to help you come up with the most unique gift possible. We know you will love the quality of our 3D print figurines. If you want to truly give a one-of-a-kind gift, making your own 3D custom figurine for a birthday is an excellent way! 

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