3D Printing & Modeling

Bring your creations to life

Whether you already have an STL file ready for our top-of-the-line printers or you have an idea trapped in your mind that you haven’t had the time, resources, or knowledge to bring to life, we’ll be happy to discuss your idea and provide a quote so you can take the first step toward a final product you’ll be proud of.

3d printing and modeling

Idea to Finished Product in 4 simple steps


1. Design

If you already have your 3D model ready you can skip this step but if not, we’ve got you covered!

3d size material finish

2. Size, Material, Finish

Choose size, material, finish. Many customization options available to you.

3. We Print it

We print using FDM and SLA resin printers with PLA, PETG, TPU (flexible), Nylon, Polypropylene and Resin.


4. Shipping or Local Pickup

Take your brand new ‘anything’ home, either through in-store pick up or delivered to your door.

3D Brand Statue

A 3D Printed version of your logo is a perfect executive gift for a business owner, CEO, and a team leader. Bring your logo and your corporate brand to life and hang it in your office to show how much pride you take in your brand.

onist 3d brand statue

3D Modeling

Have your own printer? We also offer 3D modeling as a standalone service. Whether it’s a 3D scan of an actual 3D object/person/pet/etc, or a 3D model of your idea sculpted from scratch, we have a team of skilled designers that can turn your idea into reality.


Whether it’s to commemorate an old pet or celebrate a new one a custom pet statue is just what you need. They make great gifts for friends and family and are a perfect decor piece for the family room!

bo made for Barack Obama