3D Printing & Modeling

Bring your creations to life

Whether you already have an STL file ready for our top-of-the-line printers or you have an idea trapped in your mind that you haven’t had the time, resources, or knowledge to bring to life, we’ll be happy to discuss your idea and provide a quote so you can take the first step toward a final product you’ll be proud of.

3d printing and modeling

Idea to Finished Product in 4 simple steps


1. Design

If you already have your STL file (AKA a specific format of 3D image of the item you wish to create) ready you can skip this step but if not, we’ve got you covered! All we need from you is an idea or starting point and our team of professional 3D modelers will turn your item from idea to file.

3d size material finish

2. Size, Material, Finish

Now that your item is modeled, we’ll need to work out a few more details to make sure it’s exactly what you have in mind. Should it be big or small? What color and texture are you looking for? Does it fit your vision more with a clear, glossy finish or a colored matte coating? These are only a few examples of the many customization options available to you, so we’d love to brainstorm about how we can make your special project even more special.

3. We Print it

We have a wide variety of printers with different strengths and weaknesses, which gives us the freedom to pick the perfect tool for your project. Can’t wait to see your idea come to life? We offer a live stream of your print in progress so you can monitor it from anywhere.


4. Shipping or Local Pickup

Take your brand new ‘anything’ home, either through in-store pick up or delivered to your door.

3D Printing On Demand

3D printing is by far the easiest way to get a custom item made to your exact specifications, but buying a 3D printer just for a handful of items isn’t cost effective and the learning curve can be steep, so why not let our team of experts assist you? Skip the hassle of starting from scratch and get your print in your hands as soon as possible.

Accessible for Beginners or Experts

Stress-Free Experience

Professional Quality Prints and Finishing

Bonds Studio Time Lapse
3d products

3D Brand Statue

Gone are the mug, pens, and other generic corporate gifts. A 3D Printed version of your logo is a perfect executive gift or item to hang in your office to show how much pride you take in your brand.

3D Printing for Your Corporate Brand

Bring Your Logo to Life

Perfect Gift for A Business Owner, CEO, or Team Leader


3D Modeling

Have your own printer? We also offer 3D modeling as a standalone service. Whether it’s a 3D scan of an actual 3D object/person/pet/etc, or a 3D model of your idea sculpted from scratch, we have a team of skilled designers that can turn your idea into reality.

Unlimited Customization

High Quality Renders

2D Image to 3D Model

Dragon 3D Model
3d Modeling collage
skulls on 3d printer

Mold Design & Manufacturing

One of the most exciting opportunities (at least that we’ve found so far) granted by the limitless potential of the 3D printing industry is mold making and casting. Our variety of resins range from squishy and rubbery to almost stone-like. If you’re looking for something with some more weight and resilience this is the service for you. We can also make silicone molds for you to use countless times so you can manufacture your item yourself with whatever material you deem fit.

High Precision Silicone Molds

Variety of Materials With Unique Textures

Quick Turnaround


Whether it’s to commemorate an old pet or celebrate a new one a custom pet statue is just what you need. They make great gifts for friends and family and are a perfect decor piece for the family room!

Custom Platform & Name tag.

Lifesize Upgrade

Financing Available

“Our goal is to make 3D Printing services accessible to anyone. Contact us today so we can help you to bring your ideas to life.”